NoBark™ SBC-18 Bark Control Collar


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NoBark™ 18 Bark Control Collar

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The NoBark™ SBC-18 Bark Control Collar is designed to safely and consistently stop your dog’s nuisance barking. This Bark Control Collar includes 6 levels of static stimulation in low/medium/high modes that adjust automatically - just turn the battery to the on position, select the stimulation range best for your dog’s temperament, and put the bark collar on your dog. An automatic safety shut-off eliminates the risk of over-stimulation. The lightweight, waterproof Bark Control unit also features Perfect Bark™ technology, providing consistent correction when it detects both vibration and sound from your dog’s vocal cords.

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The NoBark™ SBC-18 Bark Control Collar uses a patented sensor system to provide the most reliable bark detection available. A static stimulation is delivered via the Contact Points only if both vibration from the vocal cords and the sound of the bark are detected. External noise or another dog’s bark will not trigger a stimulation. The Bark Control Collar provides 6 levels of static stimulation in each of the low/medium/high modes, for a total of 18 levels. In each mode, the stimulation starts at the lowest level and progresses to the next level (to a maximum of 6 levels) each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark again within 30 seconds, the static stimulation will reset to the lowest level in the current mode. Along with each stimulation, the Indicator Light will flash. As a built-in safety feature, if your dog barks 15 times or more within a 50-second period, the Bark Control Collar will automatically shut off for 3 minutes.

Stimulation Ranges 6 levels of static stimulation in low/medium/high modes adjust automatically
Waterproof Waterproof
Dog Size For dogs 3.6 kg or larger with neck sizes 12.7 cm - 55.88 cm
Batteries Replaceable Lithium batteries
Lasts 3-6 months
Low Battery Indicator Yes
  • NoBark™ SBC-18 Bark Control Collar
  • Black Collar Strap
  • 6-Volt Lithium Battery
  • Operating Guide
Product Dimensions Receiver without strap - 5.7 cm L X 2.8 cm W X 3.8 cm D




Customer Reviews

Review by Juan Ignacio Luque Sandoval
(Posted on 02/10/2016)


Best solution to barks control
I have four Bichon Frise and two of them barks a lot when neighbour's cat shows up on the living window. I bought one collar to try two months ago and since day 1 it worked like a charm. I tried it with the four of them and the one wearing it immediately stop barking.
I would like to buy another three but it is a little bit expensive for me at this very moment, however I strongly recommend this collar.

> SportDOG Response: Hi Juan, welcome to our new website and thanks for taking the time to review the NoBark™ 18 Bark Control Collar. Your Bichon Frise are a great example of how the collar can improve your dog's barking - especially when you have several dogs they must like to bark together! Thanks again :)